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House fire cleanup!

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Group photo in white PPE. Fire cleanups are a breeze with our team.

Fires can be scary and they leave behind a lot of damage. Here are some tips you can do while waiting for help to arrive to your property.


  • Limit movement in the property.
  • Keep hands clean because soot can ruin upholstery and walls. 
  • If electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator completely to prevent odors.
  • Wipe away soot from chrome on kitchen and bathroom faucets, trim and appliances.
  • Leave HVAC system off until a professional can check it.


  • Attempt to wash walls or clean upholstery before contacting SERVPRO of Carlsbad.
  • Attempt to clean any electrical appliances because you may cause further damage.
  • Consume any food or beverages that were stored close to the fire.
  • Turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet. Wiring may be wet or damaged and cause electrical shock.
  • Use your regular dry cleaner for smoke odored clothes because it may make the smell worse.

Fall in Line!

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Team members standing in front of work truck. Our team is always dressed to impress in our matching uniforms.

We are falling back into time and fall in November. November days mean storms will be approaching before we know it. The days are shorter which means the weather gets cooler. Cooler weather can be accompanied by wind and rain. I know we don't get too many wild storms in sunny San Diego, but when they do hit, they tend to hit hard. It's best to take precautions and prepare for the worst when the weather is at it's best. Our employees are always prepared to deploy out to storm areas to help cleanup and restore properties to normal conditions again. Our trucks stay stocked full of equipment and materials so we are always ready for any water, fire, mold or bio hazard job that comes our way.

SERVPRO of Carlsbad (760)729-7505

Wheel fix it!

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Flood in a motorcycle shop. Floods happen when you least expect it. As a business it's important to be able to open during your said hours. We got them back to business fast!

The last thing you would think to happen indoors is pouring rain, right? Isn't that what roofs are for, to keep the weather OUTSIDE.

Unfortunately incidents such as broken indoor sprinkler heads and pipes bursting are more common than you would think. Some piping is older, weaker and sometimes some were just done wrong. There is no way to predict when an incident will occur but you can be more prepared or avoid water damage by holding safety meetings on proper operations of equipment so that they do not hit sprinklers above such as forklifts. You can also be prepared by having an emergency flood number on file such as ourselves, SERVPRO of Carlsbad.

As we hope that you never have to experience an emergency but if you do, call the team you can trust. SERVPRO of Carlsbad (760)729-7505.

We love our customers!!

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Boss teaching clients about SERVPRO while eating lunch. We offer lunch and learns to our clients so they can better understand what services we can provide!

Experiencing water damage in your home, whether it is your first time or your third time, is always scary. We try our best to take good care of every customer and their property. Our team members genuinely care about getting your home back to working condition as soon as we can. Sometimes the process can seem like a long one depending on the size of the job but our staff is there updating our customers along the entire way. Any questions you have are answered and anything that we can do to make you feel more comfortable with it, we do. We listen and take precaution when dealing with personal property. Your home becomes out home for those few days or week and we take great pride in the service we provide. Leyla from out contents team brought a fruit gift basket over to our customer to thank her for choosing our services. We are grateful to be of service to everyone that calls our office. 

Did you know you can prepare your home for a storm ahead of time?!

11/28/2020 (Permalink)

Flags blowing in the wind at SERVPRO warehouse. American Flag, USMC, POW MIA and SERVPRO flags.

In Southern California you never know what to expect from the weather. One day it's 100 degrees and the next morning it's 49 degrees.

Although they try to predict the weather, it's never 100% accurate and it's best to always be prepared for storms. 

Homeowners can spend nicer days making sure their property is prepared for catastrophes ahead of time so when they strike, the damage is hopefully lesser.

If you discover a roof leak, fix it as soon as you can before the next storm hits. Make sure you have proper drains set up to steer water away from your home and prevent flooding. Cut back or down trees that are leaning and could potentially be blown into your home. Be sure to put away patio furniture and bring umbrellas down when the winds begin to pick up so they are not blown into windows. There are many tips that can help you prepare your home better for a storm. The less damage done by a storm, the less money spent fixing it!

Our warehouse is huge!

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse Our 24,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse.

As one of the larger SERVPRO franchises, we are well prepared for any size job. 

Many of our jobs come from commercial property managers.

Every hour that water damage sits in a business, is time and money lost for them so it's important to get the water extracted and demolition started quickly. 

Our team is full of experts in getting jobs done in a timely manner so commercial buildings can get back to business quicker.

We offer 24 hour services so when a disaster strikes after hours, we are there to get to work promptly. We've been able to begin working on jobs in the middle of the night and finish them before the store even opens like the mall is a good example of a job we did. We were able to extract all the water and begin drying before the mall even opened! 

SERVPRO of Carlsbad (760)729-7505

Our team will always exceed your expectations!

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO flag hanging off building in city. SERVPRO can tackle any size job!

In the middle of the early morning in San Diego a pipe burst and flooded a 13-story high rise in downtown. All of the occupants were evacuated and SERVPRO was called out to access the damage. The entire building was flooded. The elevators stopped working and the water that was sitting in between working on floors began growing mold. This was a huge commercial mess. SERVPRO was able to pull together all the local large loss teams and get it handled. Our team members worked two shifts around the 24 hour clock. Every single condominium needed drying out and demo whether it was minimal or not. Some even needed mold remediation. It was a long process but we were able to get the job done and leave the building manager a happy man. This is proof that there is no job too big for us to handle. Here's a shot of our SERVPRO flag hanging from one of the scaffolding. 

SERVPRO of Carlsbad


Power shutoffs to prevent fires.

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Map of southern California power outages. Fires can easily start when lightning strikes power lines.

We are in fire season and the wind is starting to pick up while temperatures drop. SD&E issued a map of California with a list of potential cities power to be shut off in the case of higher winds. So if the winds start to blow too hard the power is going to be shut off in certain cities to avoid power lines blowing over and starting fires. Every year the cities take more precautions to avoid devastating fires. Last year in Vista a power line fell and blocked Buena Creek road for hours. Not only was the power out but the traffic was not able to drive through as well. Make sure that you have a solid fire escape route set in the case of an emergency! 

By turning off the power, they are able to help control fires from starting due to storm damage. 

How to prevent mold growth from a water leak!

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Water meter checking water levels in ceiling. Water meters can check just how wet the wall cavities are before removing it.

Homes in Carlsbad are close to the beach and the humidity is always finding its way into the homes. When water damage happens in homes that are in close proximity to the beach it's important to get our team out there to access the situation as soon as possible because a humid environment can cause mold to grow much quicker. If our team is able to get out sooner then we are able to get to work right away with extracting the water and drying out the walls and flooring before mold has a chance to grow. A wet, warm environment is the perfect situation for mold to grow but we can help prevent that from happening. SERVPRO of Carlsbad specializes in water damage and mold remediation. If mold does grow, you can count on our team to properly remove it so it does not spread to other areas of the home. You can count on our team to do it right the FIRST time. 

Contractors Connection Top 5%

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

Man and woman presenting award for contractors connection. We have been awarded top 5% for 13 years.

Our SERVPRO is apart of Crawford Contractor Connection which is an “Elite Organization” who selected 4,000 top contractors of the nation to be a part of the network. Every year they select the top 5% of the networks “Top Performers”. Our franchise is 1 of 7 that have been top performers since they began recognizing contractors in 2008. It is not an easy program to not only get into but to maintain in. Our owners have set high standards for everyone in our company so that we achieve the goals required of Contractors Connection such as leaving our customers with the best experience possible. Crawford will only continue to keep you as a preferred vendor as long as their customers are beyond satisfied with us. We are 13 years and counting on the programs top performers and will continue to exceed their expectations as we try to with all of our customers. USAA is a large insurance company that we work with quite often.