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Climate-Controlled Warehouse

8/24/2022 (Permalink)

Wooden crates in our warehouse We use our crates to keep our customers belongings safely locked up and organized.

As one of the larger SERVPRO franchises, we are well prepared for any size job. 

Many of our jobs come from commercial property managers.

Every hour that water damage sits in a business, is time and money lost for them so it's important to get the water extracted and demolition started quickly. 

Our team is full of experts in getting jobs done in a timely manner so commercial buildings can get back to business quicker.

We offer 24 hour services so when a disaster strikes after hours, we are there to get to work promptly. We've been able to begin working on jobs in the middle of the night and finish them before the store even opens like the mall is a good example of a job we did. We were able to extract all the water and begin drying before the mall even opened! 

SERVPRO of Carlsbad (760)729-7505

New Work Truck Added to Our Fleet!

8/24/2022 (Permalink)

New green work truck. We provide our employees with the best transportation to get them to and from the job site safely.

Guess who got another new truck?! We did! It's always exciting to add more of our wheels on the road so we are able to help even more of our customers. Our teams are constantly on the road driving every which way around San Diego county to help as many customers as possible. Having more vehicles means we are even more available for you. Each of our project managers have an assigned truck for inspections at all hours of the day. The best part about our business is that no matter what time our customer calls, we will answer and we will always show up to help. There is no job too big or too small for our company.

SERVPRO of Carlsbad (760)729-7505

We Are Fully Equipped to Handle ANY Size Job!

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO equipment in warehouse Our warehouse has enough equipment to handle multiple large or small jobs.

Our warehouse is equipped with everything we need to dry out your commercial building! We are always prepared for any size job. SERVPRO of Carlsbad specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property. Our crew is trained specifically for restoration. We know that the small things can be handled but when your commercial building is flooded and you're in over your head, call us! Let us take over and you will not have a thing to worry about. We are able to complete a job from start to finish. We have a contents crew to pack out any loose items (when needed) and a restoration crew to do the demolition and we even have a repair crew that can put your building back to better than it was before. At SERVPRO of Carlsbad we are a one stop shop! Call us if you have any questions: (760)729-7505

Always Exceeding Expectations!

12/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO flag on building downtown. SERVPRO of Carlsbad (760)729-7505

In the middle of the early morning in San Diego a pipe burst and flooded a 13-story high rise in downtown. All of the occupants were evacuated and SERVPRO was called out to access the damage. The entire building was flooded. The elevators stopped working and the water that was sitting in between working on floors began growing mold. This was a huge commercial mess. SERVPRO was able to pull together all the local large loss teams and get it handled. Our team members worked two shifts around the 24 hour clock. Every single condominium needed drying out and demo whether it was minimal or not. Some even needed mold remediation. It was a long process but we were able to get the job done and leave the building manager a happy man. This is proof that there is no job too big for us to handle. Here's a shot of our SERVPRO flag hanging from one of the scaffolding. 

SERVPRO of Carlsbad


Oh my QUAD, A Flood!

12/13/2021 (Permalink)

Dirt bikes and quads around a flooded show floor. Our team got the show floor cleaned up quickly so customers could continue shopping for this business!

This business walked into a pool of water in the early morning. 

The commercial building is right down the street from our office so we were able to begin removing water within 15-20 minutes of the phone call.

Our guys had the business back to normal in just a couple hours so customers were not interrupted during their shopping trip. 

We have a large team so we are able to get to jobs quicker and start sooner than other companies. 

Since we were able to begin extracting quickly, none of the merchandise was affected and the business didn't have to spend money on any lost products. 

SERVPRO of Carlsbad has the man power to get the job done efficiently every time! 

We are the local north county team you can always depend on.


12/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck parked on tarmac near plane. Even planes need a deep cleaning sometimes, our team was there to rescue the day and get this plane back in service promptly.

This is not your usual job but we got called in to work on an airplane at our local Carlsbad airport!! In the very early morning our green van drove up on the tarmac to meet the airplane staff. The plane had bio hazard issues and needed to be cleaned stat so passengers could load up on it later that morning. Our project manager and crew chief showed up with equipment ready to work at 3AM. Now that's what we call dedication! Our team is full of strong leaders like that and we are so happy to have them on our team. We do it all, water, fire, mold and trauma cleanup & restoration. No matter the size of property (planes included) we can do it! SERVPRO of Carlsbad (760)729-7505