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Your AC unit and You: How to make sure you buy the correct Unit for your home here in San Diego

6/29/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Your AC unit and You: How to make sure you buy the correct Unit for your home here in San Diego San Diego SERVPRO Carlsbad will be there for you ever suffer from an AC caused any mold or mildew in home or office. Mold and Mildew Remediation

One of the most current questions that we get from Homeowners and Businesses alike is this: Can my AC cause mold or mildew in my area? 

In the San Diego area we are accustomed to having the AC unit on one day and the heather on the next; especially when it is in transitional whether seasons. When purchasing an AC unit, typically this is a buy that you want to come straight from the store/factory where there has not been any previous owners besides you. Always as if there is a warranty from the manufacturer; 10 years is the most typical warranty age, although, there are terms from 5-15 years.

A properly designed, installed, and maintained air conditioning system shouldn't cause mold or mildew, there are always rare exceptions to the rule but these are the most reported reasons for faulty AC units. However, while an oversize or improperly designed unit can cool your home slightly, it also runs the risk of not removing enough moisture out of the rooms air. Too much moisture in your home can increase the potential for mold growth. Mold spores grow on nearly every surface, we live with mold in the same way we live with bacteria. Just like bacteria though, there are perfect breeding environments that can and do yield a productive crop of molds that spread throughout the home or office setting. At times, these growths are not noticeable until the smell is strong or the appearance has reached an intolerable amount. Improper installation, lack of maintenance, and water drainage issues can also lead to biological growth. If you are someone who runs their AC unit every single day, it is a good rule of thumb to check your unit once every couple months to make sure that all lines are in safe condition, and there are not leaking water marks near the wall or on the adjacent ground. 

Preventive Measures To Control Mold In Your Home

2/9/2017 (Permalink)

Are there any preventative measures I can take to reduce my risk of mold growing in my home?

Yes, there are things you can do to keep mold growth at bay; the most important element to control is moisture.  We specifically use the term “moisture” because we don't simply mean water in its liquid form, but water vapor as well, which could be from steam created in the home naturally. Bathing, cooking or humid air that enter the home from outside can all be factors that condense into water, leaving a hospitable environment for mold to thrive.

Ways to COMBAT natural moisture from taking hold in your home:
While using your bathroom use your ventilated vent system to pull extra moisture out of the air. Keep air vent on for 30 minutes post use.

Similarly, when cooking, use your exhaust fan (grease trap) in your range hood to send steam outside to prevent buildup.


Of course, while there's not much you can do to prevent humidity from entering your home, there are a few things you can do to keep it under control and to prevent mold growth.  For instance, while we don't recommend running your air conditioner in the winter (it can be uncomfortable and wasted energy during the colder months); however, we are aware that when one does run their air conditioner, it removes humidity from the air. When it cools the air, moisture condenses into water and is removed from the home through a drain line.  This might be especially useful for people who live in particularly high humidity communities.

In winter, keep an eye on window glass and window frames. As humid the air inside the home meets cold window panes from the decreased temperature outside, water droplets develop and moisten the window frames, sills, and window coverings. Again, producing a friendly living environment for mold growth.  If there is dust or even soap scum on the window or frame, mold can attach on these materials as they are an excellent food source for mold.  Cleaning, dusting, and inspecting indoor windows panes is an excellent place to watch for indicators of indoor mold growth.


Lastly, the most direct problem of water that enters your home in its liquid form.  In any event of water intrusion from plumbing or an overflow of water that enters from outdoors, the effected surfaces must be dried out quickly and immediately.  It is not wise to trust your sense of touch when it comes to determining if a surface is dry, it is misleading. Have a reputable water damage restoration service meter the surface for moisture. Oftentimes, it will feel total dry to the touch but be aware that water trapped behind, under, or alongside cabinetry is prime space for harboring mold growth.  Timely response from a skilled water damage restorer can mean the difference between drying existing cabinetry and wall cavities versus having to completely renovate effected areas.  When it comes to hard and carpeted flooring there’s much that can be done so long as it is done early in the incident. Take immediate action to protect your wallet, your home, your family and their air quality.


Mold Clean Ups in Schools to Ensure Safety

8/8/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Clean Ups in Schools to Ensure Safety SERVPRO of Carlsbad is here to help you with mold damage. Call us today at 760-729-7505!

SERVPRO® of Carlsbad is ready and equipped to help with many different disasters, including clean ups due to microbial growth in schools. Microbial growth is a concern for all of us but select populations of people are more vulnerable to be affected. When children are concerned we do not feel there is a limit to precautions and safety measures to be taken. We are able to help local schools who have microbial growth in their buildings safely and correctly mediate the problem. We work after hours and over weekends to limit exposure to any dust or particulates as well as comply with third party testing to certify that work was done correctly and completely. If you suspect there is microbial growth present call us to speak about solutions at 760-729-7505. #SERVPROCarlsbad #SERVPRO #LikeItNeverEvenHappened #HereToHelp #ReBuildingStories

SERVPRO of Carlsbad "S.B.655" NEW MOLD Law Seminar

6/6/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO of Carlsbad "S.B.655" NEW MOLD Law Seminar SERVPRO of Carlsbad's Mold Law Seminar hosted in Vista, CA.

SERVPRO of Carlsbad's Senate Bill
"S.B. 655" Law Seminar

SERVPRO of Carlsbad recently hosted a law seminar in which the topic of discussion was a recently passed legislative measure in California, "S.B.655". A bill signed by the governor will undercut eviction-delay tactics by unscrupulous tenant attorneys who claim mold as a substandard housing condition.
This new law deems visible mold a "substandard housing condition" and under certain circumstances, property management affiliates can remain liable and subjected to misdemeanor fines if not properly addressed. San Diego has hired an entire team of health inspectors to act on behalf of homeowners and tenants who believe their mold issues have not been properly addressed by their respective property management or HOA company.
This bill is meant to protect both tenant and owner; however, it does seem to get some push back by affiliation groups. We will post on updates about the bill in future blogs.