Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

What's that smell?

When dealing with mold, the sense that is heightened the most is our sense of smell. We can almost always smell mold before we ever even see it. In this case, t... READ MORE

Flooded kitchen.

It only takes a few minutes for a home to flood depending on the size of the leak. This homeowner was away at work all day and came back to a flooded kitchen. T... READ MORE

Entire home flooded.

It only takes a few hours for a small leak to turn into a large pool. This home had plenty of time to collect water while the homeowner was away all day. She ca... READ MORE

Don't let water damage sit!

When water damage sits for more than 24 hours it creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. Yeah that's right- the yucky, smelly, fuzzy green stuff you find on... READ MORE

Water falls down the stairs.

It all started with a leak in an upstairs bathroom. The water made its way through the walls and down to the lower level. The shared wall on the other side is t... READ MORE

Office destroyed by storm.

Water flooded the stairs down to this building. It was basically underwater. The damage was abundant as seen in the before photo. The storm knocked out the wall... READ MORE