Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Outside water leaked in.

After a storm hit hard in Southern California, many structures and homes durability were put to the test. Rain water found it's way into building through tiny u... READ MORE

Carpet retains water.

In this before and after, the carpet may appear to look the same but one is wet and the other is not. We cannot always see water damage with just our eyes. Anot... READ MORE

Mid night middle school flood.

In the mid of the night a middle school maintenance man walked into a flooded cafeteria, band room and auditorium. Luckily the facilities coordinator had our ph... READ MORE

Who left the shower on??

For a long period of time this homeowners shower was left on by a child and it eventually flooded the entire master bathroom and leaked into the downstairs ceil... READ MORE

There's a pool in the kitchen!?

When this couple was away at work, their kitchen was flooding with water. It happened at the beginning of the morning and they did not get home till well past 5... READ MORE

Mall Emergency!!

A local strip mall flooded in the dead of night. At 430AM our after hours phone service received a call and our on call project manager was out there within one... READ MORE